What is a lobbyist?

Lobbyist means any individual or entity employed, retained or otherwise engaged for compensation to communicate with any elective or appointed official, any officer or employee or any task force, committee, board, commission or other body of the city for the purpose of influencing any legislative or administrative action.

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What is a lobbying?

Lobby or Lobbying, except as provided below, means any oral or written communication (including an electronic communication) to a City official, made directly or indirectly by any person in an effort to influence or persuade an official to favor or oppose, recommend or not recommend, vote for or against, or take or refrain from taking action on any municipal question. The term “lobby or lobbying” does not include a communication:
  1. merely requesting information about the facts or status of any municipal question, matter, or procedure, and not attempting to influence a City official;
  2. made in the form of a written or verbal comment filed in the course of a public proceeding or any other communication that is made on the record in a public proceeding;
  3. made in response to a public notice soliciting communications from the public and directed to the official specifically designated in the notice to receive such communications;
  4. made by a person solely on behalf of that individual or his or her relative.
For more information please contact the City Clerk's Office at (661) 255-4391.


The City of Santa Clarita requires that all lobbyists register on an annual basis, and continue to amend their registration information as needed. Registration must be renewed every calendar year.